Sweet's Candy Company

Sweet's Candy, a family-run company steeped in over a hundred years of candy-making culture, sought our vision in capturing the essence of their operation and values. It was immediately clear that a documentary approach with large, truthful, and authentic images would be the ideal match for their tight-knit workforce of over 400 employees taking immense pride in their work. We proposed a coffee table book that could serve as a custom, highly distinctive marketing piece for retailers and corporate partners that would stand out in a world of mass-produced trifold glossies. The book was also offered for sale alongside their free factory tours.

In addition to brightening the company Christmas party when Sweet's gave a book to each of the 400+ employees (which they spontaneously began passing around and signing like yearbooks), the coffee table book helped forge new inroads in Sweet's efforts to expand into premium markets around the globe. We were honored to help add another few pages to Sweet's long and cultured history.

"Working with [THEY]™ was a fabulous experience… I especially appreciate the juxtaposition of the industrial images with the human element. It highlights the magnitude of our process, which of course wouldn’t be possible without our valuable employees.

"I highly recommend investing in [THEY]'s unique process to share your story and to capture a snapshot of your company’s history."

-Rachel Sweet, Sweet Candy Company