Official Announcement: Site Subscriptions

In case you missed the announcement, we have officially launched our new site!  If you're in need of branding and marketing in Utah, California, New York, China or Timbuktu, then we're here to help!  Check out our new digs online:

With the launch of our new website comes another exciting announcement for our clients: Site Subscriptions. 

Some of our clients have a new business they're trying to get off the ground (starting a business is crazy hard, we know!), while others need a new site for their existing business but aren't prepared for the up-front costs of a worthwhile website overhaul. And for our clients operating hundreds or thousands of franchise websites, subscriptions are a must. Starting today you can have your cake and eat it too. Let us craft your world-class business website  while you take advantage of our simple monthly subscription option, and you'll be able to put your capital (and focus) where you really need in order to better grow your business. Hit up our contact form to learn more about site subscriptions.

Sway by [THEY]™ - Sweet's Candy

All of us at [THEY]™ are frequently humbled and amazed by the great businesses that have come before us. Today we’re thrilled to announce Sway™, a regular feature where we will be highlighting an influential business that catches our imagination. Do you have a story to tell? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line on our contact page for a chance to be featured. 

To kick off Sway™, we’re featuring Sweet’s Candy. As their name suggests, Sweet's is a candy manufacturing powerhouse located in a state-of-the-art 180,000 square foot facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. With over 120 years of history making great candy and forging even more impressive relationships in the community, Sweet’s has proven their clout as an organization that understands what it takes to build a lasting business

If you’ve ever been to a parade or summer event in Utah, chances are you’ve nibbled on more than a few pieces of their taffy, which is well-received -surprisingly even when it's hurtling at high speeds into crowds of adults and children alike.

We had the honor of working with Sweet's Candy, and were as inspired by their hi-tech facilities as we were the expert workforce of over 400 employees who, time and again, showed a deep sense of pride in their role for the confectioner. Sweet's understands the immense value of culture within their business, and has built as much of a family as they have a workforce.

Sweet's has had the foresight of capturing the history of the company as it happens, enabling them to accumulate a rich pictorial history of their operations through the years. With many employees migrating from Europe, Asia and Latin America, they have gone above and beyond by offering English language classes to help with the transition to American life. Rachel Sweet, VP of Marketing at Sweet's Candy stressed on multiple occasions how important their employees are to their business, so much so that it would be hard to think anything else comes close in importance. *except perhaps chocolate

You can check out Sweet’s by visiting their website at Also, if you have a minute, check out the coffee table book we developed for them at the Sweet's Candy page on the work section of our site.

Random Number in Swift

[THEY]™ { code post }

Wondering how to generate random numbers in Apple's new programming language, Swift?  Look no further.   We've added a dead simple example below:

import darwin
var rand1 = drand48()
var rand2 = arc4random()

Swift REPL

[THEY]™ { code post }

We're excruciatingly excited about Apple's announcement for Swift, their all new programming language for iOS and OS X.  As we're working through the language, we'll be posting updates outlining what we discover, illustrating how to accomplish tasks we're performing, or highlighting things we think are neat.  If you're more interested in our finished work and less in the behind-the-scenes stuff, feel free to ignore these posts.  We'll make sure to mark each one as a tech post so you can avoid the programming pothole. ;)

So far, we've noticed Apple’s new programming language swift has a great playground but can also be run in LLDB as a read-eval-print-loop:

$ alias swift=/Applications/
$ swift
Welcome to Swift! Type :help for assistance.
1> let greeting = "Hello REPL!"
greeting: String = "Hello REPL!"
2> println(greeting)
Hello REPL!


Let the Life In

Flux. Sparks. Steel-toed boots. American grit. This is the stuff that reminds us how much we love what we do. Today we're working on a fresh new look for a skylight manufacturer. Hope you like it!

Oh, Hello.

You hear that?  It's the sound of change, and it's coursing through the marketing world not unlike that iconic flash of Armour Yellow and Signal Red that's been known to roar down the ol' transcontinental at diesel speeds.  

Yeah, yeah - we have a blog now.  Sure, we're booking new clients.  And of course, we've perfected our homemade Caramelina+Vanilla Beana Classic Iced Cream™ recipe.  But that isn't the "change" we're talking about.  Our change is so much change-ier than that. We're changing marketing.  We're changing markets.  We're changing perceptions.  And there's nothing we can think of that excites us more.  

For being a fairly young industry, ours is already getting a tad bit clingy to tired traditions and all-too-common practices that usually end in the client being treated like a second-rate hooker in a town full of protestants (hey, no judgement).  We're changing things with every job we complete, and our clients tell us it looks a whole lot like a win-win every time we do.  But don't take our word for it. Keep reading, and you'll see for yourself.

We suggest you hunker down and get used to the noise, because just like the Union Pacific, we're here to shake things up for the long haul.  Oh, if you ask real nice, we may just share some of our homemade Iced Cream with you.